Workshops and Events


  • Abundance with Goddess Light

    One day workshop to awaken the path of Abundance and live your soul purpose.

    • Recognize your potential
    • View the Prospects
    • Powerful Goddess intimations to open the channel of receiving
    • Decoding your life theme
    • Dissolving the blocks and limitations
    • Working with your Divine plan
    • Learn to be in rhythm with life
    • Prosper in various ways
  • Have Fun with Angels

    It’s a day workshop to know about Angels and how they help us on daily basis.

    • How do you communicated with them on daily basis.
    • Visualization to meet your guardian angel.
    • Ways to receive divine guidance.
    • Healing yourself and others with angels.

    And much more fun...

  • Divine Abundance with Angels

    It’s a day workshop to connect on higher level with Angels and also raising our own vibration level to that of Angels.

    • Chakra mediation in higher dimension with Angels.
    • Channeling Angels.
    • Angel card reading.
    • Manifesting your desires and wishes with Angels.

    Lots of meditation and exercises...

  • Ascension – Take charge of your life

    (2 days workshop)

    Ascension a stage in this evolutionary process and involves reaching a place where one is ready to raise oneself to the frequency of Light, whereby the fifth dimension becomes accessible and visible. This workshop will help you to re connect with the Divine light and prepare yourself to transform yourself to move easily into new Golden age. You also connect here with Ascended masters and higher beings of light to know more about divine rays from the universe.

    • What is Ascension and why it is needed.
    • Building Antahkarna.
    • Full 5th Dimensional 12 Chakra.
    • Visiting the Ascension Chambers and Archangel Retreat.
    • Channeling with the Masters.
    • Channeling Divine Rays.
    • Sacred Prayers.
    • Higher healing.
  • Re-connect with Atlantis

    (2 days workshop)

    Atlantis was a continent 240,000 years ago. In Golden Atlantis, for 1,500 yearsthe spiritual energy on our planet was the highest it has ever been. It was atime of heaven on Earth when everyone had incredible spiritual power. Now wehave the opportunity to bring this energy back. During the golden age everyonehad psychic powers was clairvoyant, telepathic and clairaudient, so everythingwas open and honest.

    Learn to attune with the frequency of Atlantis in two day workshop.

    • Know the ancient civilization and Connect with Angels of Atlantis.
    • Work with high power crystals to connect with Atlantis.
    • Enhance your clairvoyance and looking after your Third eye chakra.
    • Visualization to connect with Dolphins and Unicorns.
    • Activation of the 12 strands of DNA.
    • Attunement by high priest and priestess of Atlantis to clear past lives and remember your divine essence.
    • Communicating with Animals and understanding power of love.

    Lots more to discover...

  • Lemurian Healing with Crystals

    (2 days workshop)

    The Lemurian Healing Energy is said to have ten times the power of Reiki. This energy is best used for healing people and Mother Earth. Lemurian Healing Energy is a pure, wonderful flowing vibration. It is very important and a need to assist the Earth and humanity, We are told that it is time now for those who were in Lemuria, or who feel particularly aligned with nature, to step forward and practice Lemurian Healing. Come and work with the Unicorns, Mother Mary and bring in the wonderful 7th Dimensional energy.

    Who were the Lemurians?

    The Lemurians were harmonious, fifth dimensional, etheric beings who were characterised by their great love for the earth and nature. Connected to Neptune, Orion, Sirius and the Pleaides the four ascension planets, stars and constellations, they had a great desire to heal the planet and did this energetically, working collectively with their pure and innocent energy.

    Lemurian Crystals

    Lemurian crystals have a very powerful energy which can unlock what is required to help the planets, stars, galaxies or the whole of creation, bringing us forward. Cosmic grids are formed linking the Earth to stars and each other. Anyone who has a deep love of nature or has been lemurian link to these crystals can perform Lemurian Healing.

    Who can do the course?

    This course is for those who have a genuine interest in Earth and healing it. Also for those who like to be in nature and connect with it. It is facilitated in a group collective consciousness, all aspects are shared and ego must be totally removed. Lemurian crystals are very powerful and using one is a huge responsibility.

    The reason that this healing is connected to unicorns is that they will only work with people who will use the energy correctly.

  • Magic of Crystals

    (1 day workshop)
    • What are Crystals, Crystal Shapes
    • Choosing a Crystal and bringing home
    • Cleansing, Dedicating, storing and Attuning Your Crystal
    • Programming and charging Your Crystal
    • Choosing Your Personal Healing Crystal
    • Meditating with Crystals
    • Crystals for Home and office
    • Crystals for health
    • Chakra healing with crystals
    • Angel and crystals
    • Gazing the crystal ball or working with Pendulam
  • Activate your 12 chakras with 5th Dimensional frequency

    One Day workshop to activate, align and cleanse our 5th Dimensional chakras with Archangels.


  • Full moon Meditation

    Every month full meditations are conducted to empower yourself with these powerful energies and cleanse away the old unwanted energies, beliefs and release what is not required that stops spiritual growth.